CTTS Meeting 14 April 2019

Princeton, NJ

In Conjunction with the Sherwood Meeting

Jardin: Announcement

Samulyak: Progress on near-field models for pellets and SPI and code coupling

Lyons: Mitigation simulations at GA

Negrete: Status of KORC Runaway Electron Modeling

Liu: Runaway electron generation in tokamaks and coupling to M3D-C1

Wang: Reduced kinetic model of runaway electrons in NIMROD

Ji: CEL continuum closure efforts and plans

Lao: GA SCREAM status and plans

Clauser: M3D-C1 VDE simulations

Sovinec: NIMROD VDE modeling

King: Resistive wall convergence with NIMbnd and plans for GPU acceleration

Strauss: Asymmetric wall force caused by current quench

Howell: Update on NIMROD NTM and static perturbation modeling

Ferraro: Simulations of fast thermal quench using two-temperature model in M3D-C1


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