Virtual CTTS Meeting

Spring, Summer 2020

Instead of being attached the Sherwood Meeting

Chang Liu: A new energetic particle module in M3D-C1 with GPU acceleration

Carl Sovinec: NIMROD 3D VDE Benchmark

Stephen Jardin: M3D-C1 3D VDE Benchmark

Eric Howell: NIMROD Modeling of Transient Induced NTM

Roman Samulyak: Study of neon and deuterium pellet ablation rates in the presence of grad B drift and cloud rotation

Chen Zhao: Simulations of MHD instabilities with fluid runaway electron model in M3D-C1

Cesar Clauser: C-pellet disruption mitigation modeling with M3D-C1

Charlson Kim: Parameter Scan of Viscosity and Toroidal Deposition in NIMROD Shattered Pellet Injection Simulations


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