CTTS Meeting 3 April 2022

Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country

Santa Rosa, CA

In Conjunction with the Sherwood Meeting

Lyons: Nonlinear MHD modeling of Disruption Mitigation

Samulyak: LP simulation of hydrogen SPI into RE bems in ITER

Strauss: M3D-C1 modeling of the thermal quench in DIII-D and JET

Sovinec: NIMROD & KORC: REs in MST & NIMROD fluid RE model

Beidler: RE tracer particle calculations using one-way couplings with KORC

Wright: Exploring stellarator beta-limits with nonlinear MHD modeling

King: GPU infrastructure code and performance for NIMROD

Howell: Update on NTM modeling in NIMROD using heuristic closures

Jardin: Electron temperature flattening in NSTX from ideal MHD infernal modes

Spencer: Time advance schemes for continuum drift kinetics and extended MHD

Held: Continuum drift kinetic electron closures in NIMROD

Liu: M3D-C1 GPU optimization and Simulations with kinetic thermal ions & Landau damping


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