CTTS Meeting 22 April 2018

Auburn, AL

In Conjunction with the Sherwood Meeting

Jardin: Summary of milestones

King: Update on NTM, RWM and ideal-mode disruption modeling

King: NIMROD code developement

Ferraro: M3D-C1 code development

Banerjee: NIMROD simulation of MGI mitigation on EAST and CFETR

Lyons: Mitigation simulations with M3D-C1 and NIMROD

Samulyak: Progress on Fronteir Simulations

Krebs: M3D-C1 VDE simulations

Bunkers: Progress on the VDE benchmark and maganetized-sheath BC in NIMROD

Beidler: Nonlinear Mode Penetration Caused by Transient MP

Strauss: JET and ITER disruption simulations

Spencer: CEL continuum closure efforts and plans

Jardin: JA-2 summary

Jardin: Soft beta-limit simulations


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