CTTS Meeting 22 October 2017

Milwaukee, WI

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Jardin: Introduction to CTTS

Ferraro&Sovinec: VDE and RWM Status and Plans

Strauss: ITER and JET AVDE disruptions

Krebs: Status and Plans for VDE modeling with M3D-C1

Kruger: Modeling disruptions caused by NTMs

Lyons: Progress and plans for coupling continuum kinetics to M3D-C1

Held Kinetic calculations in NIMROD

Jardin: Ideal MHD Driven Disruptions

Zhu: MHD and Disruption studies at USTC

Lao: Disruption Mitigation Modeling

Samulyak: Multiscale Models and Simulations of Single and Shattered Pellet Ablation

Raman: SPI/EPI Experiments and Modeling Needs

Kim: Shattered Pellet Injection Simulations with NIMROD

Ferraro&King: Discussion of CS Plans/Needs


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